Welcome to a comprehensive digital signage system
designed for your RSL, Pub or Club.

From your own promotional TV channels built with slides and videos, to menu boards for your Cafe or Bar, and even gaming functions such as raffles and bingo.  You'll even have your nightly ODE sorted automatically.

Slideshows are one of the most important aspects of any RSL digital signage system - which is why we created and integrated a powerful sequence object at the very core allowing for even the most complex displays, yet still just as easy to modify the content as a simple one.  Create attention grabbing full-screen slideshows with multiple varying transitions - so no slideshow is the same twice.  Split the display up by using multiple small sequences, allowing for tickers, videos, and local advertising all at once.  You can even place sequences within other sequences if you have too much to say for one slide alone but you want to keep the theme the same.

Have multiple slideshows to convey different messages?  Place your sequences within channels which can then be scheduled for certain times, or changed simply from your wireless remote just like a set-top box.

  • Create slides without any photoshop knowledge with our object & photo libraries
  • Link shows between players and sites for efficient content editing
  • Cloud content management - update your content from anywhere on the planet at any time.
  • Animated effects for grabbing attention

For more information about the promotional features of signchro, click here.

Announcements on a button, or scheduled to activate at specific times and days

Club Open & Close
Opening of Restaurant, Bar, Cafe
ODE of Remembrance
Dress Restrictions
Courtesy Bus

ODE of Remembrance

A cornerstone of Australian RSL clubs, the ODE of remembrance plays a major part in each evening.  We have crafted a high quality ODE to give justice to this tradition, a sample of which is supplied here.

Trigger it automatically at the time of your choosing each night, and accompany it with a 5 minute ODE warning announcement for extra effect.

Verified adherance to all rules and regulations regarding the display of the Australian Flag as outlined here
ode reading with genuine character and respect
Genuine photographs
sourced from the Australian War Memorial along with direct sources of wartime operations

Menus and Wayfinders

Powerful list objects can be used to create menus ranging from restaurants, to cafes, and even bars.  Multiple lists can be used to form even the most complehensive menu.  Combined with the built in preview option, your menus can now be more visual and animated than ever.  And this isn't just for food and drinks, lists also accommodate all your requirements for directional boards and wayfinder displays.  Perfect to greet and direct your patrons to functions, events, or just the different locations within your site.

  • Large selection of fonts to give your menus character
  • Full themeing to match your brand
  • Virtually unlimited amount of items per list
  • Control your menus from your wireless remote
  • Built-in formatting for decorative prices, times and directions

For more information about the menu features of signchro, click here.


Gaming is no longer a gamble.

Whether drawing meat raffles, conducting weekly member badge draws, or Sunday night Bingo - our digital signage system can keep your club gaming activities running smoothly.

We have some advanced features that you might find interesting:

  • Countdown timer on raffles & badge draws
  • Highly customisable appearance for all games
  • Easily update spinning wheel prizes - even from your remote
  • Conduct simultaneous linked raffles across multiple players, sites, & branches
  • Real-time data feeds from popular member database systems
  • Hold last drawn number for bingo games

For more information about the gaming features of signchro, click here.


Support for signchro and its products is provided by...

With over 8 years building and supporting many digital signage products for over 100 clients nationwide, the team at groophics have amassed a comprehensive set of skills and features to keep your displays in top shape.  Choose to go on a support package for peace of mind, or pay as you go.

To find out more about groophics and other services they can assist with, click the button below.

About groophics

pay as you go, no contracts

1 hour

Phone / Email / Remote Desktop / On-site support where possible

Customised Graphics

Rapid response

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Powered by signchro

An advanced digital signage platform which is the result of over 8 years of research, development, and commercial successes.  Our aim is to reduce the overall support costs typically associated with traditional digital signage systems, while improving the flexibility of the system.

Signchro has achieved this by a number of key factors:

  • Source the most energy efficient players with the least moving parts, yet with amazing power to drive the most animated displays
  • Significantly reduce IT support requirements by moving the content management to the cloud
  • Reduce the complexity of Audio/Video setups by allowing direct-to-tv cabling options as standard
  • Lower graphic (and graphics software) costs by providing the integrated tools and stock to create any attention grabbing display

These along with other features and advancements allow for a high quality digital signage solution without the complexities and limitations of others.

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